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How We Provide Super Advice to You

Like you, Super Simpler has concluded super is just too complicated. In addition, accessing financial advice is just too expensive. Then, considering the evidence from the market, it may be that the advice is really not that advantageous in improving your super performance. It just seems that everyone who regulates, organises or services superannuation has a vested interest, not aligned with your best interests?

So Super Simpler decided to develop an application to mathematically compare the result of various super service models in identifying which service model is best and then which product proposition within the various service models.

As developed by Super Simpler, SuperWiser provides you with a super comparison tool to compare your current product arrangement with others. This comparison is based upon an actuarial algorithm examining comparable fees, premiums and investment returns. SuperWiser then advises you how to optimise your super through having a contribution and investment strategy. In comparing your current arrangement against other options and also in monitoring your progress towards your goals & objectives, SuperWiser uses the universal measure of projected income in retirement.

With each calculation, SuperWiser examines the impact of your super against market return versus target return. By having contribution and investment strategies, you are positively aware of the consequences of your decision making around your super. By having a target return, you are aware of what is called a parameter of performance. In the simplest of terms, if the market does 6% and you are receiving investment advice from SuperWiser, you would expect to do better than market.

SuperWiser has a wealth of information and service options that you can access so you know you are doing much better than you were.