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Capability Statement

VISTA is an innovative Australian energy management company founded in 2011. VISTA Energy helps businesses achieve energy savings at zero cost with technology including lighting, monitoring, voltage optimisation, power factor correction and solar power.

As the only provider of zero cost energy savings in Australia, we pride ourselves on leading the energy revolution unfolding around the world. As our capability has grown to cover all areas of energy, we are committed to making a positive impact on both the businesses we work with and our environment.

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Energy Savings-as-a-Service

Our Energy-as-a-Service™ model ensures all our clients stay at the forefront of energy efficient technology and sustainability, while improving their bottom line. With offices around Australia, we can help every business – regardless of size or location – achieve immediate energy savings without the need for capital.

Commercial Solar

Protect your business from rising energy costs and help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint with a commercial solar installation. Solar power generation is particularly beneficial and effective for businesses whose energy usage pattern is heavy during business hours. With a fast and simple financial approval process, VISTA can organise a cashflow-positive, finance option where no deposit or capital is required. Your business can start benefiting financially from your new solar installation, immediately. You can reduce your energy costs with solar, whether you are a tenant or an owner-occupier.

Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

Upgrading old lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting is an excellent way to reduce energy consumption, lower electricity and maintenance costs and cut their CO2 emissions. VISTA has helped a lot of commercial clients to reduce their electricity costs and lower their carbon footprint. Upgrading old, dim, fluorescent lighting to energy efficient LED lighting is a great place to start. Fluorescent lighting flickers at a rapid rate and can result in eyestrain, fatigue, and staff absenteeism. It also requires regular ongoing maintenance and is about 75-80% more expensive to operate than LED lighting. In many cases, VISTA can retro-fit LED tubes to existing fluorescent fittings in classrooms so that there is less wastage and expense. Replacing old warehouse lights (highbay lights and floodlights) with LED lights will help to reduce your energy bill, and there are also a number of other benefits, including: a brighter, safer workplace; reduced maintenance costs – no need to regularly replace bulbs; instant light – no need to wait for old lights to heat up.

Retail LED Lighting Solutions

VISTA has helped a growing number of Australian retail chains, stores, shops, and businesses to reduce their electricity costs and lower their carbon footprint by installing energy-efficient, LED lighting. Business owners can save money and electricity, help the environment, and have a brighter store, which also helps to increase their own sales. Take a look at VISTA Energy’s case studies to view our work in action.