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The complete WA option in access service, scaffolding and sentry services

Capability Statement

SMS Group Services is a WA owned option for major projects and construction project for access services and sentry services.

Originally formed by the Welsh family in Western Australia in 2001 as Scaffolding Management Services, (SMS) has rapidly expanded its business divisions to encompass all aspects of project management, scaffolding, contracting, sentry services, and associated training and competencies under the newly branded SMS Group. SMS deliver our range of services across commercial, industrial and maintenance, mining and resources, oil and gas, as well as offshore projects.

SMS now has five business specialist divisions, Contracting (Labour Hire and Shut-down services), Scaffolding, Rope Access, Sentry Services, and our new Training Institute. SMS are now industry leaders in all aspects of scaffolding management, including supply, labour and training. We are the only WA-based scaffolding management company to offer Sentry Services, and offer training as an ASQA accredited Registered Training Organisation. AS/NZS ISO 9001:2001  AS/NZS 4801 Compliant

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SMS tailors complete scaffolding systems, including materials, skilled labour and project management, to suit all types of commercial applications.

With scaffolding available in every state, we can arrange for the convenient delivery and collection of materials to any site in Australia. Our steel division caters for all your commercial access requirements, including:

  • Tube & Fit Components
  • Steel ‘Modular’ Scaffolding (various systems)
  • Steel ‘A’ Frame Scaffold
  • Specialised Alloy Combinations
  • Mechanical Access

Our scaffold is fully compliant with Australian Standards.

Project Managers

Total scaffolding project management is our specialty. Our Project Managers can assist with all types of projects, from large resource projects, to industrial, civil and commercial scaffolding jobs.

Contact us for FREE quote or for more information on our scaffolding and services on (08) 6424 8012.


We supply scaffolding, project management and skilled labour across Australia, catering for industrial projects of all sizes, including one-off and scheduled maintenance services. With scaffolding materials in every state, we can arrange for convenient delivery and collection anywhere in Australia.

SMS is competitive in all aspects of the scaffolding spectrum and has been involved in projects ranging from $750 to $3 billion. Our steel division caters for all your industrial access requirements, including:

  • Tube & Fit Components
  • Steel ‘Modular’ Scaffolding (various systems)
  • Mechanical Access
  • Roofed Encapsulation Scaffolds – with spans of up to 22 metres


Our maintenance division can provide specialised labour, including Verification of Competency (VOC) assessments and medical documentation, to ensure your projects run smoothly. We also provide full inspections and audits complete with comprehensive reporting on all testing and maintenance tasks performed.

Why Choose SMS?

  • Professionally managed scaffolding equipment and skilled labour supply
  • Personalised ‘one-on-one’ service from tender invitation through to job completion
  • Fully computerised ‘Scaffold Project Manager’ for larger projects. Track all aspects of your project and the costs of the job from the beginning through to completion
  • CAD system to provide drawing, engineering calculations, quantity estimates and tonnage required


SMS offers complete scaffolding solutions to Australia’s mining and resources sector, including scaffold materials for sale and hire, project management and skilled labour specialist. With scaffolding materials available in every state, we can arrange for convenient delivery and collection to any mining/resources site in the country.

Our steel division offers a range of access systems including:

  • Heavy-duty Steel Scaffold
  • Tube and Fit Components
  • Aluminium Trusses
  • Modular Scaffold
  • Mechanical Access
  • Roofed Encapsulation Scaffolds – with spans of up to 22 metres
  • Coming soon – Scaffman 9 New Guardrail System – contact SMS for your free demonstration

Safety first with WELSAFE

At SMS, we place the highest priority on creating a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees and contractors utilising our Safety Management System ‘WELSAFE’. All of our staff and contractors receive Occupational Health and Safety training and are required to closely adhere to the practices of our Safety Management System, ‘WELSAFE’.


Includes inventory tracking, GPS scafftag management and our new ‘Scaffman 9’ advanced guardrail system. Scaffolding Management Services is your project management specialist. Our management teams are fully qualified and highly experienced in all aspects of job administration. We maintain detailed records and electronic files, equipment lists, ongoing costs and labour.

Our teams also take care of associated tasks including:

  • Scaffold Inspection
  • Maintenance of Scaffold Register and Scafftag GPS
  • Specialist PPE Inspection & Registration
  • Verification of Competency assessments & Medicals
  • Training
  • Permits
  • Cranage
  • Electronic Inventory Management of Equipment

Scaffolding Management Services also utilises ‘Scaffold Project Manager’, a management software program specifically designed to allow the user to track and control all aspects of a job. You can access this program on any of our projects, so bring your project in on time and within budget with ‘Scaffold Project Manager’!


Regulation 4.2 of the WA Mines Safety & Inspection Act states “The manager of, and each employer at, a mine must ensure that the requirements of AS/NZS 2865 are complied with in relation to work carried out in a confined space…”

SMS is now offering Confined Space Management services to aid clients in ensuring the safety of personnel working in confined spaces; while simultaneously maintaining compliance with legislative frameworks and Australian Standards throughout the duration of the works.

Confined spaces are particularly dangerous because they are usually not designed as a normal workplace. Confined spaces often have poor ventilation. This often allows hazardous atmospheres to develop, especially if the space is small. The hazards are not always obvious and may change from one entry into a confined space to the next.

Some of the risks to personnel from working in confined spaces include:

  • loss of consciousness, impairment, injury or death due to the immediate effects of airborne contaminants;
  • fire or explosion from the ignition of flammable contaminants;
  • difficulty rescuing and treating an injured or unconscious person;
  • asphyxiation resulting from oxygen deficiency or immersion in a free-flowing material, such as grain, sand, fertiliser, water or other liquids.

Confined spaces are commonly found in vats, tanks, pits, pipes, ducts, flues, chimneys, silos, containers, pressure vessels, underground sewers, wet or dry wells, shafts, trenches, tunnels or other similar enclosed or partially enclosed structures.

SMS Sentry Services provides specialist personnel to assist confined space owners to implement and monitor specific control measures. These include communications, signs, and the isolation of connected plants and services. They will also put in place controls to maintain a safe atmosphere within the confined space, as well as providing ongoing safety monitoring from our pool of over 100 specially trained Confined Space Sentries and Supervisory personnel.

Gas Testing

Our trained gas testers will monitor and record the atmosphere wherever work is to be conducted within any confined or restricted space.

Supervisory Services

Our dedicated supervisors monitor multiple confined space work activities in conjunction with SMS Sentries. This means that you can rest easy that all confined space work activities have multiple levels of monitoring to ensure the safety of everyone on site.

Our Sentries and Supervisors will also assist customers with:

  • Risk assessment, hazard management
  • Job safety analysis (JSA)
  • Safety audits conducted


  • Rope Access Technicians (trained and VOC)
  • Bin & Silo access
  • Oil & Gas Rigs and Bridge work
  • Painting and other complex maintenance activities
  • Vessel maintenance (Dry Dock)
  • Inspections at Height
  • Assist with Rigging

Widely used across multiple industries, Rope Access work enables challenging jobs to be completed in typically hard-to-access areas. Performed by trained specialists, it uses techniques based on those initially developed by climbers and cavers. SMS Rope Access has recognized that there is a growing requirement to service Rope Access solutions on sites and buildings and we are developing these techniques to meet industry demands.

Through comprehensive training, accredited certification and a total commitment and adherence to safety guidelines, SMS Rope Access has built an outstanding safety record that meets these special access requirements.

We also offer Rope Access technicians opportunities to up-skill, with training for ascending, horizontal traversing and industrial climbing and qualified training to Work at Heights using all rope mechanisms, tools and equipment.

SMS Rope Access – leading the way in training and supply for Rope Access Technicians.

We offer rope access training courses in Perth. When you have completed this course, you will be fully qualified to work at heights using all the rope mechanisms, tools and equipment. There are numerous jobs available for skilled and qualified rope access workers including offshore rope access companies as well as companies who require rope access welders.

There are many advantages to using rope access as a means to working at heights and hard-to-reach places.

  • Economical & time-efficient Rope access is a relatively cheap, quick and safe way to complete a task, as opposed to building a scaffold for example, which is time consuming and expensive.
  • Safe Rope access has an enviable safety record of incurring injuries and fatalities. Particularly when compared to EWP and scaffold statistics.
  • Unobtrusive Using ropes confines the work to the specific site or building, meaning minimal disruption to surrounding activities.
  • Ease of use Using ropes is relatively quick to set up and dismantle, meaning you can work on one side of the building in the morning and another in the afternoon.


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