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PSQ Group is an Australian-based provider of digital technologies, integrated solutions, and consulting services. Since 2013, PSQ has earned a notable industry reputation as a “trusted provider” through our proactive and professional approach to implementing and supporting technology projects of all sizes, that deliver the right results to help our clients to grow and succeed.

Simply put, “We’re a team of dedicated technology professionals who are passionate about helping businesses operate optimally and securely, supporting them to grow and succeed”. Novica Piletic (Managing Director - PSQ Group)

Our Pledge

PSQ (People / Service / Quality) pledge that guides our team’s interactions and service delivery to our clients:

  1. Authentically connect with the PEOPLE we serve
  2. Consistently deliver SERVICE excellence
  3. Proactively implement QUALITY solutions

Our Approach

PSQ Group provides a holistic approach to understanding, designing, implementing, and supporting an organisation’s technology stack (connectivity, security, IT hardware & software, applications & data, and cloud-based services). We are committed to connecting and establishing an authentic long-term partnership with our clients to continually simplify and secure their technology stack and optimise business systems so they can focus on doing what they do best.

Our Services

Our approach encompasses a range of digital technologies and services:

Our Process:

Through our industry experience, we’ve created a proven 6-step process that aligns our approach and guides our team’s activities in delivering the best solution for our clients:

Why PSQ?

PSQ presents key advantages that make us a key Partner for Growth:

Dedicated to a Client-first Approach

– We are driven to go that “extra step” to be of service and add value to our clients. Committed to safeguarding and protecting your systems and data – We are passionate about providing the highest level of information security to our client’s technology stacks, aligned to best practice ISO 27001.

Strong Technical Expertise and Experience

– We are trained and certified to the highest industry standards and have breadth and depth of expertise across a range of technologies and vendors.

Flexible and Fair Pricing

– One of our guiding principles is “reputation over profit”. We work with our clients to deliver fair and reasonable pricing that’s a win-win for all.

Leading Industry Reputation

– PSQ has established itself as a “trusted provider” in professionally delivering the right solutions that meet our client’s business and budgetary requirements, without sacrificing service quality or outcomes.

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Get in touch to find out how we can best assist your company. Contact a team member on 1300 881 840 or via our website

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