Precision Sheet Metal & Laser Cutting

9 Sevenoaks Street

Bentley WA 6102

Contact: Danny Briant

tel: (08) 9354 9888


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High quality sheet metal products


Precision Sheet Metal was founded in 1989 in order to cater to the needs of companies requiring comprehensive, high quality fine limit sheet metal service.

Customer Service

From our inception our goals have centred around customer satisfaction with both quality and delivery being equally important facets of our production ethic. We have been instrumental in working closely with our customers to provide them with a total service including prototyping and product management. We manufacture for customers on a regular basis that require consistent quality as they export their products overseas.


Our team who consist of talented skilled tradesmen, specialise in providing a range of close tolerance sheet metal or sub-assembly components in aluminium, stainless, copper, brass, carbon steel and other exotic materials for use in the final assembly of your project. Many of our products are for the electronic industry with quality finishes such as powder coating, plating or silk-screening, we also manufacture larger products such as grease tanks & solar frames.

LED Lighting

We also design and manufacture emergency warning equipment utilizing the latest technology in LED lighting.

MayTec extrusion

We are agents for MayTec extrusion which is used widely in Europe and America. This extrusion can take the place of general SHS tubing. No welding is required; the product is clear anodised so there is no need to powder coat. If you do require a powder finish, the anodised surface is an ideal surface for this process. MayTec extrusions are simply cut to length, drilled for the connectors and assembled. Contact us for a solution to your framing requirements using MayTec slotted profile systems.

EMICoL Partnership

We also work closely with the other members of Emicol as a team which may help us to satisfy your requirements.

If you have a product that you think we can help you with ring us on 9354 9888 or email


Agent for supply and fabrication of Maytec aluminium extrusions Electronic cabinets
Computer desks Component stands
Gantries Stairs Partitions and protective walls
Machine bases Protective and works cabins
Machine enclosures Special shelves
Machine guarding Plant equipment
Work stations Display systems
Assembly and inspections stations Exhibition cabinets and stands
Tanks Multi-purpose frames and brackets


Cutting & Turret punching:

Omada 8 station. This machine is small and versatile, very handy for small work and small batch work. Muratec CNC servo driven ram turret punch press. Muratec, for the first time in punch press history introduced in 1994 a new concept in ram drive technology which incorporated a toggle mechanism driven by an AC Servo motor. Hydraulic oil-less sheet metal processing enables ecological machine operations saving environmental, natural recourses. It has a rate of 220 hits per minute at 25mm pitch or 600 hits per minute in nibble mode. We can punch up to 5mm carbon steel.

Laser Cutting:

8kw laser which cuts up to 8mm sheet.

Brake Pressing:

One 2,400mm long and one which is 1,200mm wide. Both machines complement each other. The 1,200mm machine is brilliant for our small work, whereas the other machine is good for up to 8mm plate, depending on the length of the material.


A Safan which is a highly accurate machine. Cuts from 0.4mm to 4mm carbon steel. The back stop is fully adjustable and accurate to 0.1mm.


A Grinding Master graining machine which can polish stainless steel to nearly number four finish, plus it deburs all our metal work. Width of the machine is 900mm.

Captive fasteners:

Captive fastener insert machine which is perfect for installation of our threaded nuts, standoffs and studs.


TIG and MIG welding of aluminium, carbon and stainless steel.


We also have a small machinery shop with two lathes and three milling machines. This is perfect for our Maytec extrusion and associated work.

Skilled tradespeople and professional management.