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Perth’s Powder Coating Experts


Powder Coating provides a durable, cost effective coating for steel, aluminium and wrought iron. It’s quick curing and can be transported within 20 minutes of baking. At Perth Powder Coaters, we specialise in powder coating for residential and commercial applications, and can custom solutions for industrial and automotive projects.

Our services also include:

  • Powder Coating
  • Sandblasting
  • Media Blasting
  • Plastic Welding

At Perth Powder Coaters we only use the very best quality powder coating products on the market. Our brands include Dulux, Interpon, Akzonobel and Jotun. We are also a proud sponsor of Perth Street Bikes.

Why Choose Perth Powder Coaters?

  • We cater for industry specific needs, including Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) Coatings Nylon Coatings and Sandblasting
  • We specialise in custom jobs (including motor bikes)
  • Our prices are very cost effective
  • We have a great reputation for our quick turnaround and quality service


Powder Coating

Perth Powder Coaters provides quality coatings for various applications. We service a range of industries throughout Western Australia, including the recreational, industrial, commercial, automotive, heavy equipment, hardware, electrical, and mining industries. We can process a wide variety of parts ranging from small parts to large architectural elements and use the best quality powder coating products on the market from Dulux, Interpon, Akzonobel and Jotun. Our powder coatings are available in a large variety of stock colours, metallics, textures and special effects, and can be used over aluminium, steel, zinc coated metals and castings.


Sandblasting is an economical and fast way to remove old coatings and prepare surfaces for recoating. It’s also environmentally friendly since no solvents are used. Any material that needs to be cleaned and prepared for powder coating, painting or other treatment can be sandblasted, including steel, stainless steel, stone, glass, metals, wood, plastics, brass, aluminium, pewter and silver.

Media Blasting

We use a range of media for blasting including:

  • Large Grit- A cost effective general-purpose media used for items such as gates, railings, steel fabrications, bikes, car parts and outdoor furniture.
  • Fine Grit- Smaller in size and used on delicate items that require a smoother finish, including panels and sheet metal.
  • Alox- Also known as Aluminium Oxide, this has the advantage of being non-metallic and won’t contaminate the surface to be blasted. It’s ideal for stainless steel items such as alloy wheels.
  • Glass Bead- Small spherical acrylic beads are used to create a semi-polished finish to the metal being cleaned. It’s used on stainless steel and aluminium surfaces as it does not remove any metal and is approved for food and pharmaceutical use.

Plastic Welding

Perth Powder Coaters can weld and repair any plastic products. This is usually cheaper than replacing these items. Items we can weld and repair, include:

  • Motor Bike Fairings
  • Tanks
  • Ducting
  • General Fabrications

Wet Spraying

Wet Spraying is the method used to protect and aesthetically enhance structures and fabrications. It offers corrosion protection for steel structures using paint systems. Materials that can be wet sprayed include steel, stainless steel, stone, glass, metals, wood, plastics, brass, aluminium, pewter and silver.

Industrial Solutions

Perth Powder Coaters caters for industry specific needs such as FBE, nylon coating and sandblasting