Blue Sky Growth and Profit Solutions

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West Perth WA 6005

Contact: Andrew Cooke

tel: (08) 6102 0795

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Unlocking your business potential

Capability Statement

Growth & Profit Solutions (GPS) work with business leaders to unlock the potential in their business. We do this by helping our clients develop and implement powerful strategies to address their key growth and profit issues.

There are many business advisors that can help you develop plans and strategies, but very few will partner with you to implement them – this is our key point of difference. It is only by successfully implementing your plans that you can unlock the potential in your business.

Corporate Strategy

Developing a clear strategic plan is critical in these turbulent times. It provides you with the necessary focus and benchmarks against which to make decisions and assess results. The business environment is undergoing rapid change, and a strategic plan allows you to respond to new challenges proactively and improves your chances of business survival.

GPS Management Networks

Join other corporate leaders in confidential meetings where we share challenges, issues and latest management thinking, facilitated by a chairman working in the field. We now have two GPS Management Networks for Australian business leaders and corporate rising stars respectively.

Personal Development

Today’s leader is facing challenges from every corner of the business. From other managers, staff, shareholders, customers, suppliers, not to forget personal “life balance” issues. Our mentoring program gives today’s business leader a three – pronged approach.

  • One–on–one personal development with our mentors
  • Access to our toolbox via our strategic partner, Mindshop.
  • Access to “peer to peer” mentoring through our GPS Management Network

An external facilitator can be the “honest” mirror. He will say things that others won’t. A good external facilitator will also walk away if people cannot accept the truth. At Growth & Profit Solutions, we tell the truth. Our valued clients are businesses that want honesty to ensure that the right issues are addressed.