Australian Steel Institute

Level 3, 20 Bridge Street

Pymble NSW 2073

tel: (02) 8748 0180



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The ASI is Australia’s peak body representing and serving the steel industry

Capability Statement

  • ASI is Australia’s peak steel industry association promoting Australian steel in manufacturing and construction, and representing the whole of the steel value chain.
  • Provides value to members in design, engineering, construction and manufacture
  • Develops members’ skills and knowledge to boost industry competitiveness
  • Fosters local capability and fair opportunity to contribute to Australian projects

Our value proposition

Using Australian industry pays dividends with lower freight costs, more responsive supply, higher quality that reduces wasteful reworking and maintenance over the full life of a project. And purchasing locally provides other significant savings for a project’s whole-of-life costing, like lower inventory to manage, reduced lead times and improved after-sales support. The Australian steel industry produces about eight million tonnes of steel a year1 and including all of its steelmaking, manufacturing, distribution and other associated activities has a turnover of $29 billion and employs 91,000 people earning $4.6 billion in wages. The local steel industry can perform competitively across the full range of projects. And in tandem with the Australian Steel Institute’s (ASI) own training and industry development activities, Australia’s steel construction industry has embraced new technologies and processes that strengthen capacity, capability and competitiveness for major projects.

Reaching out to industry

The ASI organises technical seminars in its own right and with similar bodies for associated sectors like engineering, architecture, building and construction to promote efficient use and widespread understanding of steel. Market development activities comprise positioning and promotion of Australian steel as the material of choice with particular focus on buildings and resource projects. Industry efficiency activities include safety, technology uptake, supply chain integration and efficiency, training, industry knowledge and compliance. The ASI hosts regular presentations of exemplary steel applications to professionals and advocates Australian steel to major project proponents, top government officials and politicians. It also forges stronger relationships with project managers and major proponents through direct representations.

Selling steel’s abilities

The ASI provides technical and marketing leadership to promote Australian value added steel as the preferred material to building/construction and manufacturing industries. The ASI pursues a larger share for steel in the Australian building market by advocating how steel has much to commend it compared with other building and industrial materials to key influential contacts.

That is steel’s:

  • Lighter weight
  • Speed of construction
  • Off-site fabrication capabilities
  • Flexibility and ability to future proof
  • Competitive cost when considering the above factors

In doing so, it amplifies the steel industry’s own market development efforts.