Membership Application Form


An EMICoL Director will contact you to complete your Capability Survey. This information will provide EMICoL with a profile of your organisation, your company’s capabilities and cooperative initiatives such as training requirements and may be used to identify other initiatives that will be developed from time to time.

Once your application has been considered by the Board of Directors, your contact person will be notified.

Please note that once your membership is approved it will be the members or sponsors responsibility to supply image files that you own the rights to or have a licence to use, that you would like us to display under your profile on the EMICoL website.


Entitlement Description Cost
Membership Network with cooperative members, suppliers and sponsors $550 including GST (Annual fee)
Full Voting Rights Participate in managing Emicol
Subsidised attendance at EMICoL events Seminars, Training, Guest Speahers
Benefit from group activities Opportunity to participate in group tendering and member discounts
Portfolio Management Assist Directors in area of interest
Holding shares in EMICoL Ownership $100 (GST exempt) First year only
TOTAL $650.00


An invoice will be issued for payment on approval of your application

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