About EMICoL

Members of EMICoL, the Engineering and Manufacturing Industry Cooperative Limited have worked in partnership in producing this document of their resources.

EMICoL represents a cooperative cluster group of industries predominantly made up of small to medium businesses in the manufacturing, engineering, mining and fabrication sectors of industry. The quality goods produced for their clients either individually or collaboratively is testament to the capability within the group.

The EMICoL cooperative is in place as a conduit between the needs of industry and the capabilities of its members. EMICoL has prepared this brochure as a tool for industry that will provide the user with a detailed introduction to each EMICoL Member.

The formation of EMICoL serves to enrich the commercial capabilities of its members through building networks, seeking commercial opportunities, sharing resources, and developing EMICoL into a reputable and sought after entity, working cooperatively to get the job done.

The EMICoL Board of Directors

EMICoL Chairman Steven Delfos

Steven has been in the CNC Machining industry for over 30 years. He is the current owner of Avtech Engineering and has managed it since 2002. He is well versed in the correct methods required to machine complex components to a high tolerance, out of a variety of materials for a variety of industries.

Steven is passionate about business systems and finding a better way to get a better quality product to his clients. His expertise in CNC machining and knowledge on business systems adds further dimension to EMICoL and he is a great asset when it comes to working together cooperatively.

EMICoL Director Wendy Jeffery

Wendy is Marketing, HR & Systems Manager at Earthtrack, and is currently overseeing Operations improvements and the ISO 9001 Quality System. Wendy is a strong believer in the power of networking and the value that Emicol can bring to help to create more opportunities for SMEs in Western Australia.

With over 20 years Marketing and Operations experience in Perth and Sydney in industrial products including commercial windows, timber and now lighting, Wendy will bring a unique skillset to the Emicol board. She is a specialist in business improvement to deliver turnaround in profitability through operational efficiency, creating customer value and sales growth, quality systems, digital transformation and people development. Wendy holds a commerce degree from Curtin University in Marketing and Public Relations and a Post Graduate Diploma in Finance.

EMICoL Director Andrew Monteiro

I joined EMICoL in July 2020 and have found the organisation to be supportive and welcoming.

Since joining I have attended most organised events and enjoyed the opportunity to learn about some of our members businesses, to speak at a workshop session and to network with a great group of people.

While my own business is neither an engineering firm nor a manufacturer, I have several clients that are and I have a keen interest in seeing the growth of manufacturing in Western Australia. I firmly believe that this is important for the financial and employment future of our state.

EMICoL Director Adam Yates

Adam is a construction professional with 20 years experience in the Construction, Resources and Agricultural sectors, currently working as General Manager of the Global Coating Systems Group of Companies.

During his career, Adam has been in senior management positions ranging from Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager all the way through to Business Development Executive and General Manager, this exposure has enabled him to develop a composed approach when dealing with all aspects of project management from tendering and bid development, conflict avoidance, dispute resolution and negotiation all the way through to successful project completion and handover.

Adam is a strong believer that effective leadership is key to success and that continued professional development of every individual is paramount to forming high performing teams. Adam is an advocate of collaboration and enjoys working with high energy, driven individuals who want to work together to succeed as much as he does. Adam takes pride in being open and honest with clients, maintaining a level of trust that ensures complete customer and client satisfaction and ongoing professional relationships, often long after completion of projects