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Capability Statement

Thermal Transfer Pty Ltd was founded in July 2010 by Andrew Hagan and Stephen Leech. Both of the above have a wealth of knowledge in plumbing and refrigeration which enables them to meet the services of established Clients throughout Western Australia. Thermal Transfer primarily are a mechanical services plumbingcontractor. Specialising in the installation of chilled water, condensing cooling water, heating water , steam and compressed air pipe-work as well as all general plumbing and gas work to be included in the operation of these systems.

Thermal Transfer have a well equipped workshop located in Wangara in the northern suburbs. Thermal Transfer employs highly skilled welding specialists and installers. Teams with a broad spectrum of skill sets work with many different materials and jointing techniques. The workforce offer fabrication services for pipe-work, structural and general fabrication and welding to cater for their Clients requirements.

As you will see from the capability and services, Thermal Transfer have a vast range of Clients across many industries (hospitals, banks, large and small mining corporations, universities, including above and below ground works).

We look forward to working with you on new or existing systems where you want peak performance. We are here to assist so please contact us.


Projects completed:

Katherine Hospital

Decommission direct expansion AHU system and the installation of two new Trane CGAM chiller units and conversion of AHU coils to chilled water. Due to the location of this project we also undertook all rigging and positioning of equipment and associated works for a turnkey solution, this project was carried out for the northern territory government via dalkia.

Shell Oil Headquarters

As the plant room of this building was located on the top floor we commissioned (in house) a full set of workshop drawings enabling us to pre fabricate approximately 70% of the pipe work in our welding shops based in wangara. Taking this approach enabled us to complete the upper plant decks in approximately 12 weeks.

Miscellaneous projects completed for the following Clients:

Capabilities and Services
Turnkey cooling systems (air ands oil coolers).
Heat Exchangers
Piping and fittings in mild steel, stainless steel, copper or other exotic materials
Ability to take client’s concepts or drawings and fabricate and install to give effective and efficient designs for peak performance.
Skilled in systems for pneumatics, hydraulics, marine power generation, chemical plants, oil and gas, water, steam.
Fabrication and install to specification by licensed personnel to Australian Standards
2 well equipped workshops for fabrication, welding and testing
Well equipped site teams and transport for installation work throughout Western Australia.
Ongoing maintenance work