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Providing cost effective quality industrial service solutions

Company Profile

Induserve is a Western Australian owned company established in 1995 that specialises in Construction, Mining and Industrial Services across WA. Services include project management, roof plumbing and cladding, brickwork and blockwork, sandblasting, abrasive blasting, protective coatings, high pressure water cleaning, chemical and hazardous product removal, tank refurbishment and concrete remediation. Clients rely on Induserve for our technical knowledge, quality assurance and on-time completion success over many years of service. Our services are for new build, maintenance & refurbishment and corrosion control projects in WA.

Induserve operates out of a Kewdale workshop of over 4,000 sqm with two overhead cranes. Larger projects are completed on site with multiple live sites at any one time. Induserve has a staff of up to 50 people subject to workflow. We have the infrastructure & equipment to manage a range of projects and the ability to deploy remotely.

Induserve is focused on the need for competent maintenance and industrial services across the Mining, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure sectors. Our mission is to provide Clients with innovative solutions, consistent quality and timely delivery of services in a professional and safety conscious environment. Wide industry experience and a strong professional team enable us to offer our Clients cost effective multi-disciplinary services under one roof.

At Induserve, our primary goal on any project is to achieve total customer satisfaction by adding real value to our contracting services. Induserve's attention to detail and commitment to quality are foremost in all our project objectives. This reputation has been built up on an underlying commitment to our clients to understand and plan for the key issues and challenges that surround the successful delivery of each job. To find out more check out our Website or watch our Corporate Video.


Protective Coatings

With our experience in all application methods from brush and roller to conventional and air-less spraying, Induserve will deliver jobs and projects to the highest of quality. Induserve has experience with the following protective coatings: zinc coating, epoxy and ultra high build coatings, chemical resistant coating, heat resistant coatings, tank linings, single tier systems, mutli-tier systems, client specific painting systems. We understand that selecting the correct protective coating system along with the application methods will lead to long-term cost-effective savings for our clients.

Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive Blasting is the first key step in preparing most surfaces for the application of paint, high performance coatings and wear lining systems. Our abrasive blasting services include: dry abrasive blasting, wet abrasive blasting and mechanical tool preparation. Larger projects require a Mega Blaster system which allows four blast operators to be run consecutively, this can lead to a more efficient and cost effective completion of any large project. Induserve leads the way with an internal rotor blaster system specifically developed for the use of abrasive blasting of the internal of large nominal bore piping. This rotor blaster was used in the 3 kms of process water pipeline project completed in 2016.

UHP Water Blasting

Ultra-high pressure (up to 3000 Bar) water blasting techniques are utilised as a diverse and ecofriendly way to remove dirt, scale and unwanted materials from structures and surfaces and to also prepare surfaces for various applications. This includes concrete surface rectification work. Induserve’s UHP water blasting services can be used for the following: surface preparation, rubber removal, removal of protective and surface coatings, tank and vessel cleaning and surface preparation of floors.

High performance coatings and lining

Require specialist equipment, and more importantly the right knowledge and experience in their application. Induserve has the knowledge and experience to be able to apply the following high performance coatings: plural component polyurea, polibrid 705e, acid and wear resistant coatings, ceramic coatings, polyurethane and three layered polyethylene coatings (3PE coatings) Along with skilled applicators, Induserve has highly specialised painting machines and equipment that allow the effective application of these coating systems. These include plural component and fusion machines.

Polyurethane Coatings

Induserve use 80% solids, VOC-free, thick polyurethane and polyurea linings that are the optimal solution for reducing costs and increasing equipment return on investment in mining and aggregate operations. Induserve can apply sprayed Polyurethane onto virtually any type of equipment and substrate material regardless of penetrations or shape, whether new or already in service. Polyurea's provide industrial strength protection because they can be applied significantly thicker than many other coatings in the market from 2mm to unlimited thickness. These can be used as a sacrificial lining capable of protecting your equipment from abrasion and impact.

Silo Sealing

Induserve bring innovation and cost effective solutions to this niche trade, with highly skilled applicators and silo sealers in it's ranks, Induserve use a variety of coatings and techniques to deliver a successful seal. Working primarily with partners across WA, Induserve are providing clients with innovative new ways to seal their storage to ensure successful fumigation. Induserve understand the need for value and return on investment when refurbishing a silo or bulk storage. We can provide you with a turnkey solution when refurbishing your valued asset or newly built storage.

Rubber Lining

Rubber lining of processing equipment is carried out to provide protection against abrasion and corrosion in the mineral processing sector. Various rubber lining types can be selected based on the process operating conditions of the equipment in service, including rubber lining for storage tanks, tanks, hoppers, transfer chutes and pipe spooling. The application of Rubber lining is a high quality process that should be carried out by rubber lining specialists. At Induserve we understand the importance of providing our clients with valued solutions in lining inspections, repairs, complete strip and reline services. These services are offered on site and in our Perth facility.

Masonry, Brickwork and Blockwork

Induserve’s construction division can offer full masonry packages including supply, deliver and install or labour only. We can offer lump sum packages or remeasurable upon completion, the choice is yours. Induserve has staff members that have spent the majority of their lives dedicated to the construction industry, we employ highly skilled individuals with a thorough understanding of both traditional and modern construction methods. With in house quantity surveyors, project managers and trade qualified tradespeople, we have the capability to undertake a large range of construction projects. Induserve predominantly services the commercial construction industry.